My Recipes

Looking for a special recipe for dinner tonight? Browse through my list of recipes from starters to dessert, I’m sure you’ll find something you will love to serve your family and friends!

Peach Crumb CakeLoaded with juicy peaches and topped a crunchy streusel crumble topping. If you’re looking for a special cake to make for a summer brunch, this peach crumble cake with Greek yogurt is exactly what you need. Enjoy!
Chicken Parm Tortilla WrapSo I was hangry and wanted I something substantial and deliciously warm at the same comes the tortilla hack into play! For some reason I always have extra chicken cutlets in the freezer (smart girl 😁), and plenty of cheese in my fridge and fresh herbs. So here it is, a personal crispy, cheesy, fresh tasting Chicken Parm wrapped in perfect tortilla pocket.
French Grilled Cheese SandwichThis is a decadent sandwich that has saltiness and sweetness at the same time and keeps you going back for another bite! My French Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Crispy Fried Chicken Breast SandwichWhen it comes to chicken there just isn’t anything more delicious than a juicy, crusty piece of finger-licking good fried chicken. Let’s make my crispy fried chicken breast sandwich and serve with these yummy oven baked sweet potato fries. I promise you this will be one of your favorite meals!
PizzaNothing is better then watching your pizza bubbling with cheesy goodness and the anticipation of your first bite. You can make the dough using my recipe or store bought is perfectly fine!!!
Deep Dish Meat Lover’s PizzaThis pizza was an inspiration after traveling to Chicago for a dear friends birthday celebration, I decided to try to recreate a homemade version of a deep dish pie. Although a buttery crust is typical used, I decided to make it with pizza dough and build layers of flavors with the deli meats and cheeses.
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